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You heard that right! Online casino free spins!

Almost everyone you know is online, and even your gambler friends are online. The digital advances is now dominating the world little by little. Back then, people used to go from one place to another to play and compete with rivals on casinos. Now, people find more fun playing gambling online.

Online casino also gives you a more fun experience that is closely the same with real life casino. It lets you play with your friends onlinely, or compete with competitors from all over the world. You can also play in online casino free spins, win real prizes and cash, just like how you do it in an actual casino.

The best thing here is that, since online casino are becoming a trend, more and more online sites are also coming since the rise of online casino. With that heavy competition, it would be hard to tell which one is reliable and which one is not.

How to Fake Online Casinos

Since the heavy competition is present in the online casino world, almost every site is also offering free spins just to say they are legit. However, here are top 5 tips on how you can fake casinos offering dodgy prices, and pirated games.

  1. Unlicensed Online Casino

Just like in a real life casino, online casino must also have an operating license to prove they are legit. License are mandated around the world for all countries having online casinos. Although a site can still be legit even without a license, but just to make sure you must ensure you are with a more trusted site that could show that they are licensed.


You can simply search the name of the site and see if there are any scandals posted or reviewed for them by their players. This can be a good thing to spot whether or not they are legitimate or they are fraud.

Most fake casinos don’t pay winnings, or don’t give the bonuses players have won. Meanwhile, if you spot a good reviewed casino and have been running for years with a good reputation then that should a go signal.

3.Mode of Deposits

Now, here’s the most tricky part, most online casinos partners with Paypal because PayPal don’t just partner with any brand or company online. So if you see a Paypal option, basically that online casino may be real and legit.

However, more easiest way to identify if the site is fraud or not is the lack of options to deposit. If they only have one option to deposit, then that means they maybe are fake. Casinos should be able to give multiple options to deposit. There should be atleast one credit card, paypal, bitcoin, money transfer, or a prepaid voucher system.

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