Select the most stunning game with ancient theme

Most of the people will believe all the ancient stories that make them more curious in hearing the things that have happened. Likewise, Mayan is the ancient civilization that originates from a Mesoamerican era. There are many online slot games that are designed with the Mayan theme to make the player win the game in a different theme. These themes are the stylish and the trendiest game that satisfies many gamblers to win the slots and the bonuses or rewards that are offered for them. The experts have developed this game with the facilities of using the portable device like the mobile devices that include the Smartphones and another device. This is the simplest and the easiest mobile slot game that makes the people play same like the traditional slot games. The game will provide the slot machines with different and colorful icons. Each slot game is designed by using different and attractive themes of the ancient Mayans. Search through the online site and choose the best moola mobile chat to enjoy playing the gambling game in the mobile devices like Smartphones and other portable devices.

Characteristics of the Mayan game

Actually, this game is designed with the theme of the ancient civilization of Mayan that is played by using the mobile slots like the usual slot game. This is normally a gambling game and now has the facilities by playing on the portable devices. It is simple and clear to use that makes all the mobile users play the game in the easiest way. The moola mobile chat is now available on the online site that makes you play the game anywhere that are required to you. The symbols are made by using a creative idea that is of snakes, Mayan warriors, pyramids and many other symbols that will make you travel to the ancient civilization.

Follow the rules of the game

The calendar will specify the symbols of the bonus that are offered for the player for winning each and every game. Enjoy playing the game as per your comfort and win extraordinary bonuses. The rules will be similar to the entire mobile slot gambling games. It is important to follow the rules of the game before start playing it and here are some of the rules that are listed below as follows.

  • Maximum payout is 6,000
  • Bonus round will make you win the double
  • Minimum and maximum wager is 1per line
  • Maximum bet 100 per spin
  • 79% for percentage payout

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