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 That the creators at Amatic Industries are capable to develop great video slots we have seen at numerous slot machines. So far the Amatic Roman Legion video slot is the additional great instance of the potentials that the creators at Amatic have in-house. The cartoons in this game are really eccentric and also the sound effects directly bring you into the correct atmosphere that fits the theme of the slot machine. The story takes place in Roman times plus on the battleground with the Roman legionaries (the fighters of the supreme army of our time).

Amatic Roman Legion online

Roman soldiers

There are two diverse soldiers’ ciphers that are attractively displayed and play a significant role in the game. These two ciphers are the bonus features of the game. The first is a legionary who could be seen up close in the face however he broke out a fighting cry in battle, as well as the second mark, is a horseman who go in the battle with his shell on his reveling horse. The symbols in this game are so realistic that you actually get the feeling of tension from a battleground in Roman times. Furthermore, the game is moreover mega exciting with the distinct features which you can moreover win excessive prizes. This option of huge prizes that could augment your bank account merely creates the tension even bigger.

Special features

We had by now indicated that however playing this Amatic Roman Legion online video slot the two soldiers signs are the special features in the game. The legionary, for instance, serves as a Wild symbol that might replace all ciphers in the game to form a winning blend. All symbols excluding the rider who fulfills the additional special purpose in the game. The legionary symbol moreover paid for as a private blend of a mixture of two of these symbols.

The rider on the reveling horse is the Scatter icon. If you get three otherwise more of these symbols anyplace on the reels, you trigger the bonus game wherever you receive ten free spins. If legionary Wild symbols seem on the reels, however, playing these free spins then these ciphers will remain in that location till the free spins are played. Since these symbols act as a Wild icon, this will of course significantly increase the odds of prizes. You can moreover earn new free spins through the free spins through again having three or additional equestrian signs on the reels.


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