Poker for Beginners – Set the Hunting System

If you’re new to poker, but want to get started quickly, read this article to get a very simple system that will help you make a profit at Holdem tables without limits. This is not a very advanced system, but it is ideal for beginners in daftar poker online who want to see some results.

This system will not immediately make you a great winner, but will help you learn the basics of choosing starting hands and finding the right hands after the flop. If you follow the rules of this system, you can stop the bleeding at the tables and take home pretty good money at the small betting tables.

Hunting set

The idea of ​​hunting is to play a very tough game reflow and look for initial hands consisting of pocket pairs. Your pocket pair will flop about 1 out of 8 times. When you reach 3 in your class, you will win the pot most of the time.

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System rules

  1. Play all pocket pairs (22 – AA), unless there was a raise reflow, which exceeds 10% of the smallest stack between you and your opponent.
  2. With AA and KK pocket pairs, make big reflow raises and try to get as much of your stack as possible before the flop.
  3. Pre-flop rises with JJ and QQ. Bet on the flop, turn and river if there are no more cards on the table. If someone picks you up, discard. If someone bets on you, you can make a small or medium bet if there are no large cards on the table.
  4. Play 22-TT for sets only. Get as cheap as possible and double if you lose your set.
  5. Raise AK and continue only after the flop if you hit a pair. If you hit a pair, bet on the flop, turn and river. If someone goes up, discard. If someone bets on you, you can make a small bet. Double if someone continues to bet on you.
  6. Double up everything else.
  7. When you reach the set, start betting immediately and try to get everything without scaring your opponents. The only time you need to fold a set is if there are 4 cards of the same suit or 4 cards per line on the board.


This is a very simple poker system, hope it helps. It is very easy to apply and will help you turn the angle of loss to win. But as you improve your skills, you will want to leave this strategy behind. Until then, this is a great way to start and learn the discipline needed to become a poker winner.

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