Facts About Poker Every Enthusiast Should Know About

Poker is one of the most engaging games, whether you play online games like Poker Online Terpercaya or in person. Poker originated long back and, in a while, spread to every part of the world. There are a number of fascinating facts about poker that you should know about if you’recrazy about poker games. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the fun facts about poker.

The longest game of poker lasted 8 and a half years

While playing poker for a few hours feels tiring,it’s surprising that the longest game of poker went on for 8 years, 5 months, and three days. This game began in 1881 and kept going without a break. This happened at The Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona. The players were all aggressively enthusiastic about the game, which explains why they played for over 8 years and, the minimum buy in was a whopping amount of $1000.

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It originated in the USA

If you play poker, you know that the most popular poker game all around the world is Texas Hold em’. And as the name suggests, poker actually originated in the USA. While it’s unknown where exactly the game originated, it’s said that it was in the Louisiana area of New Orleans where the game was founded and people started playing the game. As people from New Orleans started traveling, they spread the game to places they visited.

Poker with 20 cards

Modern day poker means using a full deck, that is, all the 52 cards to play the game. However, in the older times, people used to play poker with just 20 cards. There would be a deck of 20 cards and 4 players in total. As Historians suggest, it was only in 1834 that people started using all the 52 cards while playing poker.

Poker is the most lucrative sport

Less people knew about the fact that poker is the most lucrative sport in the world today. While we are all aware of the kind of money footballers and golfers make, most of us are oblivious to this. However, little do people know that poker does better, that too with a good margin. A total of $44,202,738 was the number upon totaling the top 5 highest prizes in super high tournaments.

These are some of the fun facts about poker. It’s quite apparent that poker has evolved quite a lot from the time it came to being. Today, you even get to play poker games online, and you get a good variety of games besides the most popular ones. It’s both a fun way to spend time and rewarding upon winning.

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